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Lost Sessions

Lost Sessions is a collaborative work from two artists exploring the world of audiovisuals. Their work includes audio soundscapes, noises from self-made instruments, and melodic textures mostly created using electronic gears. They also produce a programmable visual software to be triggered by the audio they create making it a whole audiovisual experience.


With the ambition to wrap their work along the lines of conceptual art, what they present is an exhibition of live contemporary display of art.​

The Artists

Hieu Tarno

Also known as Tarnoise Spaceman induce an obsession with crafting multi-dimensional ambient noises. He is an audio engineer and music producer, of which his works compliments the style of ambient, experimental, psychedelic and indie music. 

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Qush Abdul

An alter ego he calls leholyghost as means of expressing his thoughts and emotions in the form of music, art, and poetry. A conceptual artist, music producer, and self-taught multi-instrumentalist that uses his existential experience as a guide for building conceptual mediums of music, art, and poetry.

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are we there?

Lost Sessions | Live Audiovisual Performance | 2018 - Current

are we there? - A question that answers the definition of existence. Whether its a simulation, a prophecy, or just the cycle of life, its nothing compared to the uncertainty of everyday life. What are we here for and to whom we serve?  

The Race - an idea that overcomes all our conscious dilemma. The world has a disease. Greed. The disease of “more”, we call it. As the system expands, the threshold of adaptation decreases. How flat are we able to deflate to serve the demands of the system? Where are we? Here? There? We are everywhere.


So, are we there?

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