©2019 by Lost Monastery.



Compilations of written imaginations, description of emotions on stanzas.



The stars in the sky 

Depicts a thousand little naughty trips.

Its time to roll it up

And dream as a funky steam.

Cause there’s no time for all to be weak.

Things; they never gonna change.

The bell never stops to ring;

A little yellow man stood still.

He queued to address arrest,

On every single trip, confessed.

Well there’s no crime just to feel free

from every insecurities.

Step outside and feel the wind for if there isn’t anybody there to rope you in.


When lonely feels like endless summer

with the clouds all gone

and the sun shines 24/7.

Lately I’ve been having this bummer of

nights falling short

and a Tamborine moon.

I was struck by some notorious medley

with all microphones faced down

and speakers sung flat.

Lately I’ve been having these bummer, 

I skelter myself

into a tamarind goon.


We were at the Gossip Bar,

you dancing in your blue shirt top.

We were young, you left me with a mark.

We met again in a midnight train,

standing close, but you forgot my name.

Off the train, our route were the same.

The third time it got so real

as I followed you and I felt the chills.

You turned around and stopped at a distance.

You wave me “hi”

And then “goodbye”

You began to fade 

upon my sight.

Cause I was dreaming.

Yes, I was dreaming.

Just dreaming.



Fire burning in a circle reign.

Higher, take me away.

About to seize this motion in vain.

Insanity kicks in the brain.

About to get mundane as

systematic revolute the game.

A boy is spreading his wings after having nightmares 

from the beatings, 

suffocating thoughts from his old man,

he leaves.

A girl is helping him free.

All his trouble seems so hard to distill, never had the chance

as the girl,


Fire burning in a circle reign.

Pyre, take me away.


I’m dying,

falling off the mark

from where I’ve been 

hiding from the dark.

Inside me,

whispers lullaby,

the ones u sang

surprised me with a tang.

I’m feeling 

like an off beat repertoire

from where I’ve been 

half-shadowed off the wall.

This alley 

represents the tribe 

for whom wished for love

To rain down as light


Picture yourself as a seed planted on earth top soil.

It grows and when it feeds, directed to make a foil.

Deranged is your deceive towards timeless cosmic relief.

Gloves are nemesis spelling such disease.

This folklore has never been told for hardships are made of gold.

With crooked hands and tainted fence, the numbers are growing,



Lurk into the house of thieves.

Stolen artifacts were freeze.

You’re a mime that follows the breeze.

Stale like the objects you see.

Kept the rights of liberty.

Now, clear your eyes from captivity.

Tests were given as a key.

They won’t open the doors 

to free from the cries of slavery.

Crime against humanity.

Stop the strong hostility.

Would the thread soon, snap?



I’ve got two full bags of feelings.

Both aren’t on your side.

Too much doubts from the ceiling,

they scream,


Just like before.

Its just those mind games being played,

filled my head,

with complicacy.

Its like today with no downpour

then tomorrow,

cast full thunderstorms.

Just like before.

Pulled out all my anger,

and changed it into diamond rings.

Took out all my money,

spend it over honeybee

that stings.

Just like before.

I look on the bright side.

Then I look at the bright light.

Wasn’t fond of wariness,

now I see it swinging back to me.

Just like before.


We on the run

We on the run

Backwards and forward we ran

we should see the light at the end.

Hey, what’s the matter Mr. Men?

Are you afraid of the dark my friend?

We on the run 

We on the run

Backwards and forward we ran

again, we lost the light at the end.

Time awaits for no one else.

So, should we be dead my friend?

We on the run

We on the run


What does it mean when everybody have somebody except you?

What does it mean when the sun is shinning, lightning struck out of the blue?

What does it mean when I can see all these things, a sudden?

What does it mean when they disappear, you hear color?

What does it mean when i forgot what this means but remembered?

What does it mean when I jump out the window and become the thunder?

What does it mean when you mean to mean what you’ve seen?

What does it mean when you are nothing but a thing?

What does it mean when they say HIM?

What does it mean when all of these means?


Do you remember those days we were in bloom?

Flowers decay but not us two.

We made a scarf and called it glue.

Around our necks it felt so good.

From the setting sun, appeared the moon

as the darkness begins to dwell.

We had it all but soon to be ruin by a phrase

and we start to swell.

“Nothing Lasts Forever” was the spell

from a witch and we soon repel.

Then it became a crack on the beat of my chest,

I failed the test.


There’s only one thing in this life that’s holding us back.

And that thing is called fear.

We fear of the unknown

Of the future

Of losing the ones we love

We fear of trying

Of the dark days

Of acceptance 

Of neglections

Of rejections

Of loneliness

We fear of changes

There’s no way of escaping this horrific, deadly emotion that lies within. 

But for those who sees it,

Understands it,

Its all that it is.

In your mind.

Don’t be afraid.


Dream; it divides what’s real, we can only feel. 

Sleep; we are all asleep, unconscious disease.

Live; the life you please.

Save: eject from this race.


When Goobler the Gobbler meets Jack the Ripper,

They fought against each other.

Goobler eats, but Jack kills.

However, one moment, they stop and didn’t continue any further.

Jack asked, “why do you eat to kill?”

Goobler replied,”Because my stomach is meant to be filled.”

Next, comes Jill.


I walk for miles just to clear my head,

but do I get what I’m searching for?

Is it too far if I go my way? Am I Okay?

As I walk some more.


I tried so hard to please people

but it differs me from what I am.

I realized when I reached a river

saw the ripples and where it ends


When you are stuck in between reality and dreams

and emptiness within,

Drop out, let the magick begins


And your mind 
And your mind
And your mind
Its just mine.
Slow burning turpentine 
Flow on a single line.
Vast immaculate sunshine
Sets like its always fine.
One of a kind
One of a kind 
One of a kind
You got me blind.